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Florida White Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis F+) is an uncommon strain found in the wild and then developed for commercial use in Florida by a man named Joshua. The original name F+ was not popular as the letter F is associated with “Failure” in North America. This did not keep the mycologists away; this strain is one of the favorites amongst experienced growers.

The Florida White (F+) shrooms can be easily distinguished by its mycelial spots on its golden caps. It is also often found with mycelial growth on the stems as well. This strain is an aggressive colonizer and known for its fast growth. The mushrooms are medium in size but it is important to note that they are very dense thus having a higher-than-average potency.

Our staff report above average potency which consisted of intense visuals and a decent body high. If you take a larger dose, you may feel your body numb out.

The “laughing dancing mushrooms” have history in China dating back 800 years. Whether these mushrooms were native to China or whether the Spores travelled through trade ships is unclear. We can be sure though the Dancing Tiger shrooms started growing and flourishing in South West China.

The Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms is  to be a very fast colonizer and prolific grower. One of the unique characters is that the mushrooms have oatmeal like spec on the caps. This strain is known to give a visual and body high but it may depend on each person. Buy Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms

Expect average potency, and enjoy with friends or by yourself. Laughing and dancing will definitely commence.


Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher) is one of our best-selling strains. The Golden Teacher shrooms are known for their light golden caps and for their popularity amongst new and veteran psychonauts.

This special version of the Golden Teacher strain is grown by a master grower and then using a proprietary freeze-drying method dried to a very different product than what most customers are used to. The special drying method retains the mushrooms beautiful shape and creates an airy, rice-puff like texture to the touch. where to buy magic mushrooms online

When you consume this psilocybin mushroom the texture will be like a rice-puff or Cheetos. The special method of drying this magic mushroom provides 2 benefits1. higher concentration of psilocybin content and 2. Appetizing texture and taste.

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10 reviews for Golden Teacher Special Magic Mushrooms

  1. Pilar troncoso

    My order perfect and very fast thank.

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    Product was in perfect condition

  3. Lucas

    This is the real deal, arrived super fast and took me to the moon. 10/10, will buy again!

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    Yup it is legit, works awesome!

  5. Marcy Holton

    Thanks for the amazing gummies and fast shipping!

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    Just as it describe online, competitive price and arrived in a few days. Would definitely order from this site again .

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    Your shop made it easy to cancel my order. Thank you for your fine customer service!

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    First time trying DMT, was very impressed with results. Delivery only took a few days to Ontario, tracking is provided

  9. Derek –

    Words literally cannot express the experiences of deep ecstasy DMT gives me access to. I will be a return customer.

  10. Derek –

    Worked better than expected, is what it says and works great! Takes the mess and fumbling out of breakthroughs.

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